Monday, July 11, 2011

How to cure ear mites from your cat's ears

cat ear
Ear mites cause significant discomfort to your cat. Ear mites can live on any part of the body even if they usually live in the ears of your cat. They are the main cause of otitis externa in cats. Ear mites are frequently seen in kittens however they may even affect cats of any age. They feed on epidermal debris as well as ear wax. They burrow into the ear of your cat causing irritation. There are different kinds of mites that can infects your cats however the most commonly found ear mite is Otodectes Cynotis. Cat care is important to cure ear mites.

Not all of the cats can show the signs of ear mites however frequently they will scratch at their ears. Other signs of ear mites in cat are bleeding from the ear, scratch marks and reddish discharge in the ear. Now let us have a look at how to treat cat's ears to give your cat relief from ear mites.

  • Clean the back stuff from your cat’s ear with a mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water. This is important as it cleans all the accumulated dirt and keeps the ear clean.
  • Apply ear mite medication to the ear of your cat for minimum 2 days and wait for a week to get the results. If you do not get the results then you should  clean the ear again and apply that medicine. After applying ear mite medication, you need to massage the base of the ear. You should also follow the instructions that are given on the ear mite medicine packaging. 
  • You can squirt the ear mite treatment solution in to the cat’s ear and let it  bubble up. It will loosen the black stuff. You have to repeat it for a few times and afterwards clean it with warm water.
  • You can instill a few drops of mineral oil into the ear of your cat to treat the ear mites.
Following the above given steps for removing ear mites has proven to be effective in the treatment of cat’s ear mites. Sometimes, cats can scratch their ear so much that it gets raw. In such case, you need to contact the veterinarian as early as possible. Open injury can gets infected and creates more complications.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What is the preventive care for cat

If you have decided to bring a cat to your home then you need to know a few preventive tips to care of the health of your cat. To maintain the health of your cat, you need to know what is normal for your cat. You can refer cat care tips and tricks available online. You can even contact vet of your cat for regular checkups. Your vet will tell you how frequently you need to come with your cat for well-pet visits that will include injections based on the overall health of your cat. You need to communicate with the vet constantly for the better health of your cat. If you follow below given tips, you can extend the life of the cat and maintain the health of your cat.

  • Cat Grooming:
    It is an important preventive tip to follow. You need to groom your cat minimum once a week. If your cat has a longer fur then you need to groom her on regular basis. You can purchase grooming brushes or gloves that are available in the market to groom your cat. Using furminator is a best tool to remove the excess fur that helps in preventing hairballs. There are many cats enjoy learning grooming process.

  • Examine Health problems of your cat:
    You should check the teeth, eyes, ears and gums of your cat weekly for health problems. Check for symptom of swelling and pain. If you do these checkups on weekly basis, your cat is less likely to prone to different health problems. Cat health problem is a major issue that must be taken seriously to maintain the health of your cat.

  • Food:
    Several different options are available in cat food including commercial diet, home prepared raw and premium diet from pet shops. Selecting the right diet for your cat is essential for the health of your cat. Before selecting a cat diet, you first need to talk with veterinarian. It is particularly crucial for those cats that have a continuing medical condition.

The above given preventive tips will surely help you in maintaining the health of your cat and keep your cat away from diseases.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Facts You Need to Know About Your Cat

There are certain things that you should know about your cat to take care of it properly. There are also several things that you should be able to give your cat for helping them start their life properly. Here we have given few tips on about proper cat care and how you can give them a proper start in their life.

If you have a cat, which needs daily grooming, irrespective of whether it is a simple brushing or complete show grooming, it is always best to know which products to use to make the cat grooming easier.

If you want to ensure that your cat is getting the best nutrition that they need then you need to choose the best cat diet plan. Cat diet plan helps you in providing essential nutrition to your cat. Protein is the most crucial issue to think about if you are figuring out a diet plan for your cat. Cats naturally require protein in high amounts therefore you need to ensure that it is an important and a major part of their diet. Minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron, sodium, chloride and potassium should also be given to your cat on a regular basis.

You must feed your cat the best quality cat food. Less expensive foods are available, which provide nutrition to your cat. When you are looking for food dishes for your cat, choosing stainless steel is best option for cleanliness. Raised dishes can be chosen for keeping the fur of your cat clean if you have a long haired cat.

When you are looking for a litter box, you should purchase hooded boxes as they are affordable and are best. If you have a young kitten then you can purchase a smaller box. Investing in a ramp, which comes out of the litter box, is the best option as they are made especially to catch the litter since a cat leaves the box and prevents litter from tracking through the entire house.

Cat breeding is less difficult as compared to dog breeding. If you are thinking about breeding your cat then you first need to consider the disastrous excess of unwanted cats sitting in shelters as well as running the streets at this moment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diarrhea in Cats

Diarrhea is a very common ailment, which means passing loose, watery and loose stool. This ailment can attack cats, which means they lose vital nutrients such as sugar and salt along with fluid in the body. If the symptom prevails for a long time, your cat can become severely ill from Diarrhea.. De-hydration can become a serious cause for concern and it can be an indication of a primary disease. Therefore, it is recommended to take your cat to the Doctor for some professional treatment.

Diarrhea in cat

Cat care:

When the food is passed rapidly through the intestine... which problem occurs this problem occurs. It gives rise to an occasional unpleasant issue called diarrhea. Loose motion is generally caused by dairy products, spoiled food, allergic food, worms or plants. In addition it includes more serious causes such as, abnormal liver, tumors, viral infection, kidney disorder and pancreas. Therefore, it is very important to show a Doctor, if your cat passes blood with the stool and if she experiences extreme abdominal pain or depression. A little love and care from you can help your cat to recover fast.

Tips to care for your cat during minor diarrhea:

  • Do not feed your cat at least for 15 to 15 hours. Provide them with hot water after every one hour. Water helps to prevent dehydration during diarrhea.

  • If loose motion still remain and blood comes out of stool after 24 hours, immediately contact Veterinarian Doctor

  • After 15 hours, feed your cat with small quantity of boiled boneless skinned chicken along with boiled rice. Both should be given in equal quantity. Gradually, reduce the quantity of chicken and add regular cat food. Continue this diet till the stool is formed.

Cat diet during Diarrhea:

Diarrhea in cats leads to dehydration. Therefore, it is very important to keep their body hydrated. They require lot of fluids. Ensure that they have lot of water available around them all the time. During de-hydration, your cat not only loses water from their body, it also loses vital nutrients known as electrolytes. These nutrients, such as potassium and sodium make the nerves work properly. To refill them with electrolytes, give water at regular intervals to give them extra energy. During loose motion, you need to keep away your cat from diary products. Although they love milk products a lot but it’s hard for them to digest. The less work your cat digestive system does, the faster they will recover. Avoid cat foods, which contain dyes and artificial ingredients. Dyes are usually found in preserved food. Thus, avoid feeding your cats with preserved food, which are available in the market at the time of dehydration.

Feed your cat with only those food, which are easy to digest and polite to stomach. Boiled white rice with boiled ham is quiet easy to digest. Some cats do not like to eat rice. Therefore, you can substitute rice with boiled pasta or boiled potatoes.

Get more information on symptoms of cat illnesses.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why cat bathe is so important?

Cats spend most of their time grooming themselves. It is a popular belief that they are very hygienic. It is also true that cats and water are elements that don’t normally blend well with each other. With the exception of only a few breeds, most cats absolutely despise getting bathed. But, none the less bathing is an important part of grooming a cat. It is a routine that your cat pet should get acquainted to. By following just a few simple steps, you can make this entire experience pleasant, easy and enjoyable for you and your pet too. Bathing your cat is an important part of cat care

Cat Bath

Reasons for bathing your cat:

We know cats are extremely hygienic; they groom themselves and thus keep themselves clean most of the times. After all, your cat seems to spend about three to four hours a day licking himself clean. Then you might be kept wondering why do I need to bathe my cat? However, a bathing routine is equally important as is grooming for the cat, for several reasons listed below:

Your pet might have dry and flaky skin, in such a case you need to bathe your cat with medicated shampoo.
While most wild cats that stay outdoors shed twice a year, indoor cats shed continuously as they engage in self grooming regularly. When you bathe your cat it removes extra hair that could result in hair balls.
Your cat might forget a substance on his or her fur that you don’t want to get ingested. This lump of soil that might contain dangerous pesticides, some motor oil or cleaning fluid needs to get washed away by bathing your pet.
Allergies can be prevented by bathing your cat. When your cat is grooming itself, the saliva of the cat dries on the fur, and it creates flakes. These flakes cause sneeze and itch allergy.
If you have a tendency to sneeze when the fur flies off your pet’s skin, bathe your pet regularly. This will help you reduce these symptoms.
Bathing also helps in taking eye care for cats and cat ears and total cat care.
How to Wash a Cat

Start with this:
You need to decide where you are going to bathe your cat. A bathtub may seem just too large and it might intimidate your pet. Thus, it is best that you use a kitchen sink or may be a large bucket. If you use the sink, ensure that you put a folded towel on the bottom so that your cat will have something to dig her or his claws. You will also require a sponge for bathing the face, pet shampoo and towels for drying your pet after you finish bathing.

 If you are just too tensed and you begin to bathe your pet, we bet your cat will be too. Your pet fears the unknown and that is the reason why it is makes bathing so difficult. So be a bit patient, and have a laid back attitude. Repeated bathing will put your cat at ease with the bathing process and it will become a routine.

The earlier you start with bathing your cat, when your cat is young, the better it is since older cats find it difficult to adjust to new routines. Thus, learn how to wash a cat at the earliest if you pet one.